Irritable bowel syndrome

I have irritable bowel syndrome
About this condition, not much is known
Is it caused by the germs in my gut,
or a brain too fed up to talk sense to my stomach?
Scientists flummoxed
how yoga and yogurt
both make it not so hurt
how antidepressents its cessance has shown
but fibre can also work fine alone
or nothing.

Sometime I wish my brain could float free of this mess of a body
but its roots run too deep
there’s a billion neurones nested in your gut
that interact with a hundred trillion bacteria
that’s more than all the other cells here
consider this fact and see
it’s incredible that we find anything edible
that only 10% of us feel this resent
when our stomach’s pouring acid on infested intestines
our passages unpackaging the gloop we’ve ingested
it’s hardly surprising digestive unrest
increases our chances of being depressed

but for me
it’s when this disease of my bowel won’t abate
late at night that excitement keeps me awake
to write poetry
see my inspirations
are bowel irritation and sleep deprivation
so any gurgling sounds you hear
are the oozings of ideas
that arise from the writhe of my duodenum’s side
for between my gut and mind we find the source
of this bile, logical style
so why live in denial?
It’s far sweeter revealing how your gut is feeling
in speech and in poem than in growl and gut groan
so for the rest of you
may I suggest that you share your own syndrome?


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